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Bathroom Faucet Configurations

Everything you need to know about the most common bathroom faucet hole configurations.

Image by Sanibell BV

Wall Mount

Wall-mount faucets, as the name implies, mount to the wall behind a sink, appearing as though they're floating over the sink. They are a popular choice in school, medical, and commercial applications, in both restrooms and kitchens.

The cost of installation for wall-mount faucets will likely be more than their traditional deck-mounted counterparts. The reason being, the plumbing is located behind the wall and as a result more difficult to access.


Widespread faucets feature separate hot and cold handles that are independent from the spout and can be mounted on the countertop or on sinks. It can be mounted on sinks with three holes that fit 8 inches to 16 inches from one side to the other.

Because its functioning components are individual pieces, a widespread faucet is more open to more fashionable and specialized design features.

Image by Christian Mackie
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A centerset faucet installs the entire faucet component at the sink’s center. The spout and valve spigots are typically set close together and attached to a center plate onto one unit. A mainstay in faucet fixtures, they usually measure four inches at the spigot handles, though some do measure six inches.

Also called mini-spread faucets, centerset faucets install into three-hole or two-hole bases on sinks and countertops. Centerset faucets are most ideal for small washroom, drop-in, and pedestal sinks.

Single Hole

Many modern bathrooms and powder rooms also feature single style faucets. Most of these can be installed into 1-hole patterns. That said, many single handle faucets are sold with baseplates (or deckplates) that will cover the left and right holes in a traditional centerset hole configuration. That way you can achieve the more modern look without having to replace your sink or countertop.

Single hole bathroom faucets typically only have a single handle to operate water flow. This makes them much more user-friendly and easier to install than double-handle faucets.

BA_600-01BN LS.jpg
Image by Optical Shades Media Sangroha


Vessel sink faucets are tall faucets designed to work with vessel sinks, bringing an elegant sophistication to the bathroom. These stylish options are eye-catching, and most feature a single handle design for ease of use.

Sometimes called countertop or above-counter sinks, “vessel” is a popular style of sink that rests directly on top of a bathroom counter, with plumbing concealed by the vanity cabinet below.

2-Hole Single Handle

Faucets that can be installed with 2 holes but only require a single handle are often times seen as wall mount faucets but they can also be offered as a deck-mount option. These types of faucets have the same benefits of water operation as a single hole faucet but are typically installed in 2-hole centerset configurations.

2-hole single handle faucets are often times found in more contemporary and modern style homes. They're not as common as centerset or traditional single hole/single handle faucets, which makes them more of a statement piece for your bathroom's design.

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