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Kitchen Faucet

Product Reviews

Moen Arbor

Model: 7594ESRS



The Moen Arbor 7594ESRS kitchen faucet is easily one of the best faucet options you can find on the market and can be found repeatedly on most blogger's "Top 10 Kitchen Faucets of 201X" lists. It's quickly climbed the ranks on Amazon as a best seller and Amazon's Choice product.

Moen 7594esrs.png

Moen 7594ESRS

Amazon price: $321 - 376

msrp: $706.35

Moen's Arbor kitchen faucet features some of the latest advances in home improvement technology sych as MotionSense, Power Clean, Reflex, and Duralock. While it may be one of the more expensive options available, this faucet comes with all the stops while still offering a modern-yet-traditional look.

Delta 9178-AR-DST.png

Delta 9178-DST

Amazon price: $186 - $253

msrp: $572.35

Delta's Leland kitchen faucet is known to be the more balanced of the Delta faucet options. It has the same elegance of boutique quality faucets but is considerably more reasonably priced than it's competitors. It has quickly become a favorite among home owners and renovators.


Lulani Moorea KA-900-30

Price: $287 - $350

msrp: $349.99

Lulani's Moorea dual-sensor kitchen faucet is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a luxurious product at a fraction of the price. ​This luxury faucet option goes beyond style and function by offering a dual-sensor technology that allows for greater convenience in the kitchen.

Moen 7594esrs.png


  • Hands-free start-up

  • One and Two sensor options available

  • Among the first companies to apply motion sensor technology

Power Clean

  • Provides 50% more spray power than competing faucets

Spot Resist

  • A stainless finish option

  • Prevents fingerprints and water marks for a cleaner looking kitchen


  • Secure docking system for the spray head

  • Allows for smooth operations and easy movements


  • Quick connect system

Top Features


Spot Resist Stainless, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, Matte Black

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The Moen Arbor is certainly among the top in ranks of the best faucet options available. It has the latest and greatest in technology advances while still maintaining the look of a modern family faucet. The biggest downsides we can point out would be the high price point and the difficult installation process. 

While you're definitely getting more bang for your buck, you can find most of these same options available on less expensive competitors that work just as good if not better. 

There have been several reviews of the installation for this faucet being quite tricky. It's recommended to seek professional help to prevent damage to the product and it's surrounding areas. This can then add to your expense list.

We give them a 4/5 star rating. While they do have a lot of great features available, most of their competitors will have the same, if not greatly similar, options. Their price point is considerably higher than what we'd like to pay, especially since we would likely have to add additional installment charges to even get it going.

Delta Leland

Model: 9178-DST



The Delta Leland 9178-DST kitchen faucet is considered to be the main rival of Moen's kitchen faucets. They offer many of the same technology advances and features but at a considerably lower price. It would be foolish not to include this model on the top ranking list of best available faucets on the market. 

Delta 9178-AR-DST.png

Top Features


  • Touch anywhere on the spout or handle to start/stop water flow

  • Able to distinguish between a touch and grab which will reduce the chances of unintended activation

MagnaTite Docking

  • Spray head is equipped with a powerful magnet to help snap back in to place

  • Prevents the line from drooping over time


  • Power spray with less splatter than standard sprays

  • Reduces water splash back

Diamond Seal

  • Reduces leak points, lasts twice as long as the industry standard

  • Ensures leak-free operation


  • Equipped with LED light signals at the base to show water temperature

  • Changes from blue to red as temperature is increased


  • A stainless finish option

  • Prevents fingerprints and water marks for a cleaner looking kitchen


Spotshield Stainless, Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Venetian Bronze, Champagne Bronze

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The Delta Leland seems to have it all and for a great price. While doing our research, however, we noticed a trend of functionality issues in some of the consumer reviews. It seems that the faucet itself works great for a period of time (we've read anywhere from a few weeks to months to years) before it starts to act finicky.

The first issue we've seen is a malfunction of the LED light signal. There are several reviews stating that it stops working once it gets wet, which seems like a fatal design error for a product that works primarily with water. 

There have also been complaints for the handle getting easily stuck during manual operation. This can make it difficult to control the temperature of the water.

The most common issue we've seen, though, is the inconsistencies with the Touch2O feature. Many consumers have reported that it has a hard time registering their touch. Since this is a stand-out feature for this product, I would expect the technology to be more perfected for market-use.

For now, we'll leave them at 3/5 star rating. The Delta Leland faucet is still a great product with several more good reviews than bad, but in order to be competitive on this type of large market scale we think they need to buckle down on their features a bit more.

Lulani Moorea

Model: KA-900-30



With advanced, dual-sensor functionality, Lulani's Moorea Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet allows you to start the flow of water without so much as a touch. Marrying the laid-back resort mentality with its simple, natural beauty, this faucet offers an elegant high-arcing design, a pull-down swivel spout, and three-function spray head. Available in chrome and brushed nickel, it’s the perfect centerpiece for any modern, yet timeless, kitchen design. 

KA-900-30CP 1.jpg

Top Features


  • Hands-free and spout control for safety and convenience

  • Pull down sensor + IR sensor + Manual override

    • Hand spray will automatically be activated when pulled from its housing​

    • Infrared sensor 2.5" range will activate/deactivate with hand movement

    • Manual override possible for regular handle use

3-Function Spray Head

  • (Aerated) Stream

    • This is a standard water stream that is found on most faucets ​

  • Spray

    • The spray feature applies greater pressure than the stream mode and is primarily used for cleaning or removing food buildup​

  • Blade

    • A power burst of water that is distributed in a 'blade' form - best used on pots and pans or anything excess buildup on dishes​

360-Degree Swivel

  • Swivel spout makes for easy reach and access

Smart Stop

  • Automatic shut-off after 3 minutes of inactivity, helps to reduce water waste

Multiple Finish Options

  • Available in 3 different finish options:

    • Chrome​

    • Brushed Nickel

    • Matte Black


Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

Lulani's Moorea dual-sensor kitchen faucet is an excellent choice for the homeowner looking for a luxurious product that's a fraction of the price as it's competitors. The Moorea faucet is a beautiful, unique, and highly functional option to consider. With a modern-traditional look, this faucet can be paired with any kitchen style.

The company is still fairly new to the market but it looks like they've down their homework. The reviews we've read so far looks like the installation process is fairly simple. You should be able to get it up and running without needing to call in a plumber for assistance. 


The sensor functionality is powered by batteries, so you don't need to worry about water loss in the event of a power outage. The faucet itself can turn on via three separate methods: 1) by moving your hand within 2.5" of the sensor, 2) by pulling the nozzle head downward from the spout, and 3) by manually turning the handle. If you want to use manual operation instead of the first two options, you simple press the "manual" button on the provided control box beneath the sink.

While most pull-down faucets typically come with two spray head functions, this one comes with three: spray, steam, and blade. The spray option is for normal strength water flow while the steam option is primarily used for rinsing things. The blade option is something new that we haven't seen before. It's a powerful stream of water that comes out in a line/blade shape which is used to clean tough messes. 

We give them a 5/5 star rating. The Lulani Moorea is still new to the market but we are very impressed with what they have to offer so far. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on them for future styles, designs, and faucet types.

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