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Bathroom Faucet

Product Reviews

American Standard Reliant

Model: 7385.000.29



The American Standard Reliant single-handle bathroom faucet is one of the most popular models on the market. It's likely that you've seen this product at some point in your life, as it's often a top pick for home- and business-owners. It's simple yet classic look is very well made for the price compared to it's competitors.

American Standard 7385.000.295.png

Top Features

  • High quality

    • All-metal design from the handle, drain, and fittings​

  • Affordable

    • Remains competitive on the market despite having a considerably lower price point​

  • Versatile

    • It's design can work with a variety o​f bathroom styles

  • Easy to install

    • Many consumers have reported that they were able to install this product with little to no plumbing experience​

  • Adjustable temperature

    • Comes with an adjustable hot water limiter on the fixture to avoid unintentional scalding​


Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The American Standard Reliant faucet will certainly remain on the top of the list of go-to product options. It's sleek and simple design doesn't break the bank but can still maintain healthy competition with the big boys. For the price you'd be paying, it would be hard to find anything too comparable.

That being said, there have been a few consistent concerns with this faucet. 

Firstly, many consumers are disappointed with the finish selection. So far, this faucet only comes in chrome or satin nickel. For a higher quality product, we would assume that their selection would be greater.

Next, there have been several reports on American Standard's poor warranty system. The company requires you to have your receipt for any warranty claim and they will only apply it to the original owner. Many consumers won't have to report a claim for several years and by that point they don't still have their receipt available. This is a major downside as many of their competitors will easily handle any warranty claim without a receipt and without the product having to belong with original owner.

Finally, we have come across many reviews concerning the quality of the overall faucet. There have been numerous reports that it starts to leak either after a short period of time after installation or immediately. This can be a very frustrating experience, especially when American Standard's warranty system isn't top notch. 

We give them a 3/5 star rating. The American Standard Reliant faucet is definitely a great product to consider if you are looking for quality on a budget. It's well made and built to compete. It's downfalls play a heavy toll in our rating, though. 

Delta Ara

Model: 567LF-PP



The Delta Ara single handle bathroom faucet is a must-see for the modern design homeowner. It's simple yet distinctive, making it a high fashion option for the aesthetic eye. It's also environmentally friendly since it uses 20% less water than it's competitors.

Delta 567LF-PP.png

Top Features

  • High quality

    • All-metal design is built for longevity

  • Eco-friendly

    • 20% less water usage than competitors

    • 1.5gpm flow rate

  • Modern aesthetic

    • Fashion-forward with bold lines and strong angles​

    • Eye-catching and modern-minded

    • One of the most popular designs currently available

  • Minimalist

    • Small and versatile​

    • Doesn't take up much space


Chrome, Stainless

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The Delta Ara is definitely the more modern, distinctive option for current homeowners. This can be a great product for those looking for a minimal, industrial, modernist product. The downside is not everyone like this type of boldness. There are still several consumers out there who prefer the more traditional, rounder looks versus the boxy, angular look of this model.

This faucet only comes in two available finishes: chrome and stainless. This can make it hard to fit every bathroom design which can hinder a buyer's feelings towards a purchase.

Users have reported consistent negative feedback regarding the cleanliness of these two types of finishes. The flat surface of this faucet makes it hard to keep clean. It's been described as a magnet for water spots and fingerprints, so those who don't appreciate cleaning up after every single use may develop some hard feelings.

There have also been several reports of poor water flow from this faucet. Although it is one of the more economically friendly options out there, the design hinders it from being able to produce quality functionality. Users have mentioned low to almost non-functioning water flow, which seems to be a major disadvantage for a product who's sole purpose is to provide water.

We give them a 3/5 star rating. The style of this particular faucet would be great for the up-and-coming homeowner, however, that limits it to a select focus group of buyers. The cleanliness and water flow issues also played a major role in our decision, as they can be make-it-or-break-it options for users to consider.

Lulani Aurora

Model: BA-500-01


The Lulani Aurora single handle bathroom faucet puts a modern twist on a classic design. It's unique, the side-facing handle allows for smooth and easy operation while highlighting the sleek, hourglass design. Available in chrome, brushed nickel, champagne gold, or matte black, this high-arcing features a Neoperl aerator, a durable brass body construction, and a lifetime limited warranty.


Top Features

  • ​​Modern twist on a classic design

    • Classic high-arcing hourglass design

    • Side-facing handle for precise water control

    • All-metal design, built to last

  • Eco-friendly

    • Produced with lead-free brass, ensuring safe drinking water

    • Premium ceramic disc valve for a lifetime drip-free performance

    • NSF61, NSF372 certified

      • 1.2gpm (4.5L/min)max​

  • Simple installation

    • Single hole faucets only require one hole for installation​

    • Time-saving and cost-effective

    • Comes with everything you might need: matching pop-up drain, baseplate, steel braided water supply lines

  • Easy to clean

    • Fewer nooks and crannies​


Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Champagne Gold, Matte Black

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The Lulani Aurora single handle bathroom faucet is a well suited focal point of any resort-inspired bathroom design. It complements a variety of design aesthetics with it's high arc design and side-facing handle. This sleek single handle faucet can fit into any bathroom vanity, be it a resort-inspired bathroom design, a contemporary European bathroom design, or a first-class hotel guest bathroom.

It's side faucet control matches aesthetics with smooth operations. Since the handle moves on the side, it is easy to turn it on with the wrists or elbows - especially when your hands are slippery or full of soap lather.

Compared to their double handle counterparts, single bathroom faucets are easier to use. The one-hand operation makes turning off and on the tap less complicated. Even the elderly and people struggling with arthritis and hand injuries can maneuver a single-handle faucet easily.

Since it's designed with only one handle, the Aurora faucet leaves you fewer nooks and crannies to clean. There is no need to use a toothbrush to get between the spout and handle. Since it requires less effort to clean, you can focus your energy on cleaning other bathroom fixtures.

This single handle faucet also has precise water control. It features a Neoperl aerator, which contains water-saving technology that helps create a more controlled, consistent, and splash-free stream of water.

When you choose to use this single handle faucet as your bathroom bling, you will not only get first-hand experience of the above benefits but you will also love its space-saving design and can take advantage of the product inclusions: matching pop-up drain, baseplate, and steel braided water supply lines. The Lulani Aurora single handle faucet is available in four different colors: brushed nickel, chrome, champagne gold, and matte black. These metal finishes can perfectly blend in almost every bathroom light fixture, doorknob, cabinet, hardware, and more.

We give this faucet a 5/5 star rating. The Lulani brand may be newer to the market in comparison to some of it's competitors, but we are nevertheless very impressed with what they have to offer (so far). We'll definitely be keeping an eye on them for future styles, designs, and faucet types.

Moen Wynford

Model: 4505BN



The Moen Wynford two handle bathroom faucet has an impeccable elegance about it in both finish and function. Moen is known for their quality and longevity of their products, and this option is no difference. It's look is distinctive yet traditional and can manage to work with several different decor styles. 

Moen 4505BN.jpg

Top Features

  • High quality

    • All internal and external parts are solid & seamless metal, extremely well built

  • LifeShine finishes

    • Finishes are integrated in to the metal to guarantee never to fade, stain, corrode, or flake

    • Ensures ultimate durability

  • Versatile

    • It's design can work with a variety o​f bathroom styles

  • Easy to install

    • Everything you need is included in the box

    • Plumbing experience is unnecessary

  • Adjustable temperature

    • Two handle faucets are easier to control water temperature than single handle faucets


Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel

Trendsetting KnB's Rating:

The Moen Wynford faucet can be the perfect fit for your home. It's high quality standards ensure the lifespan of the entire product from build to finish. It's impressive efficiency is bound to be an excellent purchase.

During our research of this product, we did discover that there have been some leakage reports after about a year or so. These may have been caused from user error, improper cartridge replacement, or faulty installation. The reports are minimal so we won't think it has too much to do with the product itself, but we will keep our eye on it.

The biggest complaint we've come across is the faucet's price. Not every consumer is willing to pay several hundred of dollars for a faucet, especially one that they're likely going to need more than one of (several bathrooms and sinks means several bathroom faucets). You're definitely paying for the name brand in this case-scenario, but how much is that really worth? 

We give them a 4/5 star rating for right now. We want to keep a look out for more usage issues in the future, however limited they may seem at the moment. The price of this faucet also has the potential to get a bit out of control. If you're on a budget, this option wouldn't be the best recommendation. However, if you're looking for a good long-term investment, this options is definitely on the top of the list.

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