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17 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2019

Cabinetry is the crown jewel of the kitchen. They're an essential element that brings everything together. Over the past few years there hasn't been much change to cabinetry design, especially compared to counter-tops and flooring. There has, however, been a rising movement towards a streamlined look that focuses on simplicity and minimalism, with a few bolder options popping up here and there. Here we take a look at some top kitchen design ideas for 2019.



Shaker cabinets can easily be described as the most familiar and universal cabinet style. They have a timeless appeal that's both more modern and sleeker than the traditional square raised cabinet doors. They still have some depth to them from the recessed doors, but their simplistic lines give it a modern edge. They're definitely not meant to be the star of the show, but rather the supporting actor. Shaker cabinets fit snugly into any kitchen style or color scheme and now stand firmly as the standard in new homes and in kitchen renovations. Their characteristics include flat-paneled doors with rail frames, natural wood finishes and they typically come in neutral paint hues like white or gray (although they can still be used for bolder and darker color schemes, as well).

Open Shelving

With minimalism rising high in popularity over the past few years, open shelving has definitely become a top contestant for the modern and more industrial style kitchens. This simple shelving style focuses on raw materials like natural woods and forged-iron. It offers a space where kitchen supplies can be displayed as decoration rather than being hidden away. It's not necessarily a "must-have" for homeowners, though, as it's preferred to have matching dinner sets or specialty pieces to display. Open shelving does introduce a light and airy feel and offers the illusion of more space, which can be a great option for small kitchens. They can also be very efficient since you can see and grab what you need rather than searching through closed doors. Things to consider displaying include: similar-colored utensils (offers a more uniform look), wine bottles, mason jars, fruit bowls, coffee mugs, and cook books. Keep in mind that the look should be harmonious. Be careful not to overload the wall shelving and to only keep the bare essentials displayed while the rest of your items can be placed in base cabinets.

Open Frame or Glass Window

Open frame, or glass window, cabinets are a great middle ground between open shelving and traditional cabinets. They feature glass panels to display your kitchen supplies inside, which is typically used to display fine china or bar-ware. The illusion of open space enhances the openness of larger brighter kitchens. They offer a more modern or traditional look and can give the room a sense of elegance and beauty. It also gives the eye a break from wall-to-wall cabinetry. Open frame cabinets are meant to be mixed-and-matched, so you only need a few glass doors to create a light and fresh look. If you're afraid of the mess inside, choose a glass with a pattern to disguise the interior or use an opaque or clouded glass as a semi-transparent finish, which gives the room a light feel but still offers concealed storage.

Slab or Flat-Panel

Slab, or flat-panel, cabinets are incredibly modern and sleek, perfect for a contemporary style kitchen. Some are so sleek they don't even have hardware. They have flat and frameless fronts and usually come in more glossy finishes. It's a minimalism Swedish design trend that can be a great way to modernize your kitchen. They're especially popular in smaller spaces, as they allow for an uninterrupted flow between cabinets. They have a simple and smooth surface, which offers a simple and low-maintenance appeal. Slab cabinets are relatively inexpensive to make since they require less material and labor. They're also easy to clean since there are no nooks, crannies or corners for spills or dust to collect.


A mixture of old and new design, transitional cabinets are the "Goldilocks" zone of home decor. Transitional design is the act of modernizing or updating more traditional looks by pairing with more modern or contemporary pieces. It's a great way to keep a more traditional look without looking dated. Transitional kitchens typically have a more traditional cabinet design with modern hardware. It's a perfect option when you want something comfortable yet still a bit interesting. You can get pretty creative with a transitional kitchen if you stick with contemporary elements that don't stray too far from traditional design.


Floor-to-Ceiling cabinets are perfect for a packed kitchen. These cabinets are often seen along with other kitchen trends, such as open cabinetry and oversize windows. They can be used to reduce storage from other areas around the room and can hold everything from everyday dishes to small appliances to lines and utilities. In more recent years, they've also been used to hide built-in appliances. They're a great storage solution that won't take up any additional floor space. They can bring a fresh look and much needed functional space to any kitchen. Over the years, many homeowners have been replacing wall-mounted and over-the-counter cabinetry will these beauties, some even with library ladders to access the upper reaches.



White, light and bright has been the mantra for many years and will always remain a very popular option for it's timeless appeal. It has a modern and sleek feel and tends to brighten and open up any space. It pairs well with many popular styles, especially cottages, traditional-style kitchens, and modern kitchens. White fixtures make it a flexible option for just about any design. It can be dressed up for a high-end look or be more rustic for a countryside kitchen. White has been the leading cabinet color for several decades. It's a simple, straight-forward design choice that won't ever go out of style.


Blue cabinets have certainly become a 2019 trend. The more subtle, pastel shades are being considered as a new neutral option since it can be paired with bright focal colors without it likely clashing. Gray-based navy has also grown in popularity for high-contrast looks. It creates a slightly darker, more homey feel that's still bright and welcoming, while the more subtle shades can create a relaxed or beachy feeling. Color is one of the most effective ways to add character and personality to a room. A different color of paint on your cabinets can make all the difference and separate you from the pack. Black, navy, and emerald green have been making their way up as the high-end allure many homeowners desire.

Two-Toned or Mix-and-Match

Two-toned, or mix-and-match, cabinets offer the best of both worlds and is a peaking style of 2019. It adds a stylish drama to the kitchen and gives the room more pizzaz. They typically come with white uppers paired with darker color or wooden bases. The more popular colors for lower base cabinets are grays and blues, but canary yellow, mint green, and dark purple have been rising in popularity. Natural wood bases can also offer a beautifully modern contrast. White uppers allow just enough contrast and neutrality to allow for bolder colors on your base cabinets without the overall look being too overwhelming.


Gray and "greige" (a cross between gray and beige) have been a take over trend for years. Many articles claim that gray will be on it's way out soon, but it hasn't been the case as of yet and is still considered a very popular option. Dark gray grout is currently dominating the back-splash scene and light gray cabinets are still popping up all over. It's a great alternative to those who want a neutral color but don't want an entirely white kitchen. It's neutrality allows for a kitchen to be bold and modern while remaining clean and versatile. Gray can be paired with a variety of bolder colors in wall, tile, or floor colors or you can keep it neutral by pairing with wood or ceramic flooring, neutral granite counter-tops, and white or beige walls.

Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinets offer a more industrial, raw look and has become a majorly popular option that homeowners love. They usually come in a lighter wood, like pine or oak, and are left unstained or relatively unfinished. Part of the appeal is embracing a more minimalist, natural look. As our society becomes more eco-conscious, raw wood fixtures will continue to be trendy and wildly embraced in the home. These were the cabinet style of choice in the 1970's well into the early 90's, but have steadily creeped back up into the marketplace. Many new homeowners are seeking connections to their past and a renewed attention to vintage outlooks, making this the perfect option. Neutral color, dimension, texture, and newfound luxury can be layered into any space creating a blended balance.



Glossy kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular but isn't technically the right option for everyone. More minimalist and industrial kitchen designs are opting for very sleek, slab cabinets with a high-gloss finish and minimal hardware. Often times they're actually acrylic, which offers a more high-gloss appearance and richer color. A glossy finish on cabinets bounces light back in to the room, which can warm up a modern kitchen. Although they aren't for every kitchen, they're demand for colors continues to rise.

Chalk or Matte

Chalk painted cabinets are great for DIY projects and gives surfaces a matte, chalky appearance. Today's era loves getting their hands dirty and doing the work themselves (yay for weekend warriors!), but if you don't want to paint your own cabinets you can always just buy a matte finished cabinet surface right from the store. They're a favored design among homeowners since they tend to not show fingerprints, making them much easier to keep clean. Keep in mind, though, that chalk paint is different from chalkboard paint. It's a specially formulated flat paint that will stick to almost all surfaces without sanding or priming, is thick, and requires fewer coats. Since it has a matte finish, it does needs to be sealed quickly and properly for the right results.


Distressed cabinets provide a "lived-in", comfy feeling and goes well with countryside-farmhouse or rustic kitchens. This look refers to the process of deliberately distressing lumber planks to achieve an antique look. It balances out bolder color shade by buffing, stippling, and scraping to complete a timeworn appearance. Distressed cabinets gives personality to the area and can be used as a unique focal point or a simple accent piece. They look beautiful in a variety of colors, anywhere from a rich turquoise to a pale yellow or a traditional white. These cabinets can include chatter marks, torching, antique wear and tear to the edges and ends, and staining.


Extra Deep Drawers

Useful storage is one of the most (if not the most) important elements in a kitchen, making extra deep drawers a highly sought-after option. They're great for hiding kitchen supplies that you might not want to display, like dishware, tupper-ware, and crock-pots. They're a great tool for efficiency that also helps with organization. For those who are on the shorter side of the height spectrum (like myself) or for those who can't access higher shelves regularly, rejoice! These types of drawers make it easier for people to reach all the items they have stored, whereas cabinet doors force them to reach into the back to grab certain items.

Minimal Hardware

Kitchen hardware is quickly disappearing, which is especially true for slab kitchen cabinets. However, minimal hardware is still available for those who don't want to give it up. Hardware will never disappear entirely, but the older designs are being replaced with sleeker designs. Drawers with cut-out handholds can also be a nice alternative to keep things simple. Some things to consider for minimal hardware designs is to skip knobs and hinges altogether, straight lines tend to match the recessed lines of shaker cabinets, and sleek nickel handles are replacing circular knobs.

Built-In Appliances

As we grow in to a more technologically advanced era, the need for modern functionality is at an all-time high. Appliances might be more intelligent, efficient, and feature-packed than ever before, so it makes sense to include them in the design of every room in your house. See if you can disguise appliances as kitchen cabinet doors so it adds to the overall look and aesthetic of the room. Fridges are among the most popular option to be hidden behind matching cabinet doors, but they're not the only appliance you can do this with. Other popular appliances to camouflage in to your kitchen are dish washers, microwaves, and mini-bars.

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