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2020 Kitchen Trends

A new year is often celebrated with a fresh start and a renovation of life. And what a better way to begin than in one of our most personal spaces - our kitchens. 2020 is not only the start of a new year, but also of a new decade, and thus a breath of fresh air can be introduced in to your environment. Here we take a look at the top 10 kitchen trends that we predict for 2020.

1. Transitional Styling

  • Can give the room an updated classic style

  • Traditional + Contemporary design elements

  • Amps up the glamour factor

  • Clean and simple minimalism

  • Flexible to mix with other styles

  • Typically feature neutral colors in varying shades

  • Delightful explorations of texture

  • Sophisticated and timeless look

2. Backsplash Statements

  • Slab backsplash is on the rise

  • Colorful tile can add texture and unique, fun pops of color

  • Wallpaper is making a comeback, there are plenty of non-permanent, easy to remove options now available

  • Adds drama, it's fun way to color and an easier place to take a risk

  • Makes the room feel more custom and special

  • Can make a room uniquely you

3. Vinyl Flooring

  • Synthetic material (man-made)

  • Naturally water resistant and smooth

  • Can be textured to give off a wood-like look (often used as a hardwood alternative since it's a much cheaper option)

  • Long lasting, not easy to scuff

  • Comes in a variety of colors and tones (great for customization)

4. White Shaker Cabinets

  • Gives the room a sleek look

  • Seeing less and less crown molding on the tops of upper cabinets

  • People are opting for a cleaner look up at the top

  • Helps to give more storage space because you don't have to worry about giving an interior shelf to the molding

  • Timeless and classic

  • They don't ever really go out of style

5. Islands

  • Added/included in almost every kitchen remodel

  • Adds extra storage, seating, and working space

  • Unique designs are starting to pop up - gravity defying, abstract architecture, large and in charge islands (usually 6-7 ft long)

  • Hub for dining, entertaining, and socializing

6. Recessed Lighting

  • The goal is to add visibility, interest, and ambiance to a room

  • Layering your lighting is critical (combine recessed lights with a variety of other types - pendants, table lamps, sconces, candles, etc.)

  • Most often used in modern spaces

  • Needs to be executed correctly in order for it to be successful

  • Great for spotlight art and objects

7. The 5th Wall (Ceiling)

  • High vaulted ceilings make a room look much larger

  • Add a fun hint of color, wallpaper, or wood paneling for dramatic flair

  • Add texture, designs as great accents

  • Ceiling windows give the room a brighter, more open feel

  • It's one of the largest, unused spaces in a home (plenty of room to get creative)

8. Warm Finishes

  • On the rise

  • When done well, old-school wood cabinetry can be modern and fresh

  • Goes well with soft neutrals and stone floors

  • Many opt for rough-hewn, reclaimed wood

  • Many companies are moving to more natural, eco-friendly materials

9. Open Kitchen and Living Areas

  • Maximizes living space

  • Makes the family room and kitchen one large room

  • Use a uniform wall color to keep everything cohesive

  • Perfect for casual family living or easy entertaining

  • Makes the area airy and bright

10. High-Tech Decline

  • Still relevant, just slightly slowed down

  • Remain popular among those upgrading faucets and applicances

  • Faucets are usually upgraded for water efficiency, Spot Defense Finishes (no fingerprints), or hand-free operation

  • Appliances are usually upgraded for wireless control (smart homes)


We'd love to hear from you! What do you think will be the biggest kitchen trend of 2020?

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