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5 Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2020

The importance of a happy kitchen can't be stressed enough. When it comes to home remodeling and updates, the kitchen is typically the most popular spot to start. The kitchen is an important source of food, comfort, family, and togetherness. Therefore, it's more important than ever to take a look at what a kitchen means to you. The newest trends allow for more connection with technology, as well as an alternative to some traditional cooking methods which may inspire you towards a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Here we take a look at 5 kitchen appliance trends for 2020.


One of the biggest style and utility changes you can make in the kitchen involves upgrading your refrigerator. Newer fridges are being re-imagined with better versatility and functionality. There should be plenty of ways to compartmentalize all of the different types of food you want to store, with some areas being more flexible while others more specific (i.e.; your deli meats and cheeses might get stored in one area together, whereas your vegetables might get their own spot). With various compartments available, you can have the appropriate temperatures to make sure all your groceries last as long as possible.

Refrigerator design is also getting a much needed face-life. Matte black finishes are going to be the go-to color option this year. It can give your room's style an extra *POP*. Handles will also be fading out this year. Having a slick, seamless surface will give your room a more modern feel. If you still want to keep the handle, though, don't fret! It might be a while before handles are fully faded out, but in the meantime, why not make them a bold, fun color? Gold, copper, and even wood handles can pair well with a matte black fridge, aside from the standard stainless steel finish.

Bluetooth & WiFi

Technology upgrades will affect appliances across the board. The ability to sync with a wireless Bluetooth device is a powerful way to get started in the kitchen. For instance, GE's newest products can sync up with each other so you have one less thing on your plate. You oven can tell your microwave when to sync timers or your dishwasher can clean itself when it gets to a certain filth level.

With Bluetooth appliance options rising, so are WiFi capabilities. Many companies are focusing on making your kitchen experience as easy as possible. Most new appliances are being manufactured with an included feature, allowing you to control everything from your smartphone. With this option in tact, you can control all kinds of features without even entering the kitchen: the water temperature of your faucets ovens and stove tops, the timers on your microwave, the lighting of your kitchen, and so much more.


Just like the refrigerator, it's probably time to upgrade your dishwasher to a more 2020-friendly version. A good dishwasher is hard to replace, but when it's time - it's time. Deciding on what to buy next is not as complicated a process as you may think, though. Virtually all machines are a standard 24-inches wide and will fit into the space your current one now occupies. The best dishwashers are energy efficient, offer low noise level, provide great stain removal, drying ability, and have flexible racks, among other features. A bad dishwasher will leave glasses spotty, redeposit food particles onto otherwise clean dishes, have long and noisy cycles, and leave dishes looking wet. Some of the best testing brands out there include Bosch, Samsung, Miele, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, and LG.


Multi-cookers are advanced appliances that allow homeowners and foodies to prepare their meals in a variety of different ways. One of the biggest rising trends in kitchen activity this year is the effort to adopt healthier eating habits. Not just the ingredients that we're eating, but also in the way that food is made. From the famous slow cooker to a variety of steam-based options, you now have a much healthier way to prepare meals in a fraction of the time. Some of the most popular multi-cookers include traditional crock pots, new generation Instant Pots, and air fryers.

Hydration Stations

Speaking of healthier food trends, consider the water you drink or are buying from the store. Homeowners are starting to realize more and more how important water is to their health. With this in mind, many are purchasing built-in filtered water dispensers. This is an ideal option for a busy family or the entertainer. Water filtration systems are fairly easy to install and can be built in to almost every room of the house: kitchen, mudroom, living spaces, certain bedrooms, etc. As an added bonus, you'd also be doing your part in saving the planet by not letting all those extra bottles go to waste.

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