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Black & Gold

One of the biggest color trends we've noticed this year is a black and gold combo. This unique mixture can be a great focal point for any modern contemporary or eccentric look. If you keep your walls and decor neutral, it'll really make your featured items POP! Don't go too overboard with your decorating, though, or your products will get lost in the mix. When designing with these types of bold colors, it's best to make them your feature presentation.

The easiest way to do this in a kitchen or bathroom is to have a black and gold faucet:



Tub & Shower

Tile Backsplash

If you're up to the challenge, and have a healthy budget, why not try using your tile as a base? Since it's so versa[tile], this could be a perfect idea for an accent wall.

Design Accents

We've also seen designers who make this fabulous color combo the entire theme of their space. Notice how they're careful not to overwhelm the senses? Use these colors as subtle, yet bold, accents throughout the area. These colors can be nicely paired with a black and white color scheme. They add a pleasing bit of drama to an otherwise humble space.


If you decide to take this type of design route, it's important to plan ahead. Some things to consider before pulling out your credit card:

  • What will your focal point be? The fixtures, floor/walls, accent decor?

  • Do you want a shiny black or a matte black?

  • What kind of gold do you want? Do you want more of bronze-y yellow color, a traditional yellow gold with warmer undertones, or a copper-based alloy (like brass or bronze) type of gold?

  • Will the type of black and gold you choose go together? Will it be easy to match other accent items or decor to?

  • What kind of decor will you be using? Will it bring enough attention to your theme?

  • Are you keeping to your budget? While this color scheme is a very popular 2020 trend, it can also be a pricey one. Make sure you write out your budget and stick to it! Designing these types of rooms can be very fun but make sure you can afford everything on your list before you go on a buying spree.


We'd love to hear from you! What do you think of a black and gold color scheme? Do you have a room like this? We'd love to see how they came out!

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