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Designing A Bathroom Your Kids Can Grow With

Designing a kid friendly bathroom can be fun and fulfilling, but parents often forget that their children's tastes will evolve as they grow. A bathroom should be made to last. As your children develop in to tweens or pre-teens and begin to outgrown their smaller fixtures and their lovable "dinosaur" theme, you should consider designing their bathroom to grow just as they do. Here we take a look at three major details to consider when remodeling and designing a child's bathroom.


While it can be fun and fulling to create the ultimate bath for your little ones, consider designing the function aspects (like the tub) not just for a small child, but also for the child as they grow. For instance, opt for a shower with a tub. While tubs not are often used by teens and adults, it is usually a necessity for young children. Plan for a tub that is amply sized for teens and adults down the road.

Other great options to consider would be include a double vanity or double faucets. It helps to cut down on time spent waiting and fighting during the morning madness and limits overall chaos. These types of doubled fixtures don't go out of style and can open up the feeling of your bath space for years to come. If you're going to go the multiples route, consider adding multiple towel hooks or racks, storage bins, and step stools to accommodate multiple children.

Little ones often have a hard time reaching for high places. Consider adding a step stool or pull-out step for easy accessibility. Stools don't necessarily need to be big and chunky. There are several budget friendly options available that can stow away for later use. Pull out steps are becoming an increasingly popular option, as well. A special lid goes on top of the bottom drawer and supports up to 90 lbs. When the child gets older, the top can be removed and the drawer can be used again. Simple and sweet.


Fun and funky, kid friendly themes are great, but you should avoid purchasing permanent themed fixtures. Instead, try introducing a theme using using towels, floor mats, easy to remove wall stickers, toilet seats, etc. If you really want to utilize every possible aspect of the bathroom to complete your theme, consider using easily removable fixtures (like a fun dinosaur shower head) that can transition in to a more mature model down the road.

Having a neutral canvas is perfect for a space that will transition throughout the years. Use bright and color accessories and art that can be easily swapped out as your child's tastes change. You can also get creative with funky yet stylish whimsical lighting. It's a great way to have fun without going overboard on the kid stuff.

If you want o showcase more of your child's personality, though, you can always use fun wallpaper or ceiling murals. Wallpaper has come a long way over the years. There's ton of removable and vinyl cling options available now that can be easily changed out. Statement murals are another way to make use of awkward/slanted ceiling and help tie a room's theme together.


Think about using features that both a child and an older teen would appreciate. Some great options could be ample ledges or shelves in tub/showers, conveniently placed storage compartments, or soft-close cabinet doors, drawers, and toilet seats. Easily accessible items are great, no matter how old you are. Consider changing up where or how you store you towels, extra soaps, and bath toys.

Try replacing big buck items for easily replaceable items. Poufs, for instance, are a great alternative to vanity chairs and can add kid-friendly style without a lot of effort.


We'd love to hear from you! Do you have any tips or tricks to create a smooth transition from a room for children to a room for a teen or adult?

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Nicole Lopez
Dec 18, 2019

Love this!

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