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High or Low Profile? A Lavatory Discussion

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The smallest details can have the greatest impacts. When you walk in to a bathroom, you are likely drawn initially to the aesthetics. What's the vibe of the room? Are there light or dark colors? Decorations? Do the appliances match the scene?

The type of faucet you choose can easily make or break your aesthetic appeal, particularly in the bathroom since it's a smaller enclosed space. Here we take a look at different types of high and low profile (also so known as "arc") faucets that can help change your game.


Low Profile

Low arc faucets are traditionally found in the restroom more-so than other rooms in the house. They're small and compact for areas with limited space. You don't necessarily need a high arc since this sink is primarily used only for washing your hands.

They're lower to the sink so you don't accidentally hit your face on the arc during those slow-moving, early mornings when you're not quite awake yet. They also have less back splash since their range area is considerably smaller.

One of the downfalls of the low arc faucet is pretty straightforward: the arc can be too low to get a good wash range. This is primarily dependent on your sink. Some sink sizes can have a great impact on the amount of room available for a proper wash. If your arc is low and your sink has a thick rim, there will be a very limited area for you to fit your hands under the stream of water.


High Profile

While the high arc faucet is more commonly found in the kitchen, it has been making it's presence known in the restroom. It has a modern appeal to it that can be great for your inner interior decorator persona. If you have the extra space to spare, it can easily make your restroom look higher class and stylish.

One of the most obvious advantages of a high arc faucet is the space available under the spout. It allows for much better clearance than a low arc faucet, which can be great if you're going to be consistently using this faucet to fill up larger vessels.

Be sure to play close attention when installing a high arc faucet in your bathroom, though. Since it's profile is higher, you'll need to measure out proper clearance for the rest of your bathroom area: make sure it doesn't collide with your cabinets or mirrors that may be above the sink area. It's also recommended to measure the distance between the faucet's mounting point and the center-line of the sink. Will the spout extend far enough? Are you comfortable with the area your hands will be? Are you going to get a lot of back splash?

What kind of profile do you have in your restroom?

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