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What is Fireclay?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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Farmhouse style Fireclay undermount sink

Have you heard of the latest kitchen sink trend? Fireclay sinks are quickly rising on the must-have list for new homes and remodeling projects.

Fireclay sinks are a good option for those looking for a vintage, handcrafted or rustic look. Right now they are most commonly found in farmhouse style kitchens.

Fireclay is a type of ceramic that is molded at extreme temperatures. The clay is formed into the desired size and shape, then dried. Once the clay is dry, porcelain enamel is applied. Then it is heated to 2000 degrees to fuse the enamel and ceramic. The result can be a tough, smooth and beautiful sink.

They are definitely more resistant than porcelain, but can still be susceptible to chips. If you install a rack on the bottom of the sink it can help prevent pots and other items from damaging the sink.

They are scratch resistance but the finish can wear over time. They typically come in white or off-white but other colors (such as black, gray, and copper) have slowly began to find themselves on the market.

Fireclay is typically thicker than other materials, so ensure that your drain insert, garbage disposal, faucet and accessories can accommodate the extra thickness. Fireclay is heavy, so additional reinforcement may be necessary for your cabinet.

We highly recommend to have a professional install this type of sink. They can ensure that your counter has enough room and support for the larger size and weight.

Typically, they do not have holes for faucet mounting. A wall or counter mount faucet would likely be necessary.

Fireclay sinks are typically higher priced than the other standard materials, but offer a unique fun look for your home. [ #fireclay , #sink , #trendsetting ]

Do you have experience with Fireclay sinks? We would love to hear your thoughts about them.

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